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Xray Portugal

The beginning...
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A new beginning, a new birth......

Sophisticati Portugal lda 

A new company esthablished by eager professionals, all very experienced in the field of radiation protection and wearabiltity. All wanting to make the best Xray apron, the nicest glasses and the most protective thyroid shields.
Our products are only sold  to OEM companies who really take an intrest in Xray protection and do not settle for less. The company is just born. Our team is there already for a lifetime.


lets be really straightforward with you. You can design the most fashionable apron around, but first comes protection. You need the best protection one can get. XRAYPT uses the best protective materials in the world. Proven technology with a plus. So lets prove it to you, send that Email to us and we will get in touch with you to  


A plus ? yes. Besides protection, an apron should fit like a glove, moreover it should be flexible, fashionable but also easy to clean. And of course as light as an   apron can get with the best protection.
So where do you fit in as a company ?

Now we are talking. If you are a company that supplies cathlabs, Xray departments or Operating theaters you simply can not do without. Send us an Email and we will convince you. one small step, huge benefits.?

Health professional?

Show this website to one of the companies that is supplying you and benefit from our quality today !